Simple Steps to Becoming an Accountant

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Once you’ve decided to become an accountant, it can sometimes seem like the road ahead is impossibly long. 150 hours of educational classes, CPA tests, and so much more are between you and your goal. It may seem like years down the line, but if you follow these few simple steps, you’ll be there before you know it!



Step 1: Decide You Want to Do It

See, you’ve already got one of the steps down! The first step to achieving anything is deciding that you want to do it. No matter what made you decide to become an accountant, or where you are in life right now, deciding to do it is the first step down the path to accountancy!

Step 2: Study, Study, Study

This next part is where you need to put your nose to the grindstone. You will need to get a fair amount of education under your belt. In most places, the requirement is a minimum of 150 hours of post-secondary education in the field. While a Master’s degree is not a requirement for becoming an accountant, you may find that, since you’re enrolled in the classes anyway, it make sense for you to go ahead and go for it. Many people feel that with that much education, they want something concrete to show for it. Once you’ve finished the educational requirements, you’ll also need to prepare for the CPA exam. You may opt to study for this on your own or enrol in a preparatory course designed specifically for the CPA exam.

Step 3: Decide What Type of Accounting You’d Like to Do

While there are many different types of accountants, they pretty much fall into these four broad categories:

  • Public accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Government accounting
  • Internal auditors

Most accountants are public accountants. This category includes things like bookkeepers, consultants, and tax advisors. Management accountants are involved in the internal planning of companies. Government accountants, of course, work for government agencies, including the IRS. Internal auditors are employed by companies to make sure that everything within their company is running smoothly and within all legal perimeters.

Step 4: Brush Up On Your Computer Skills

In the modern business world, computer skills are more important than ever before, and even more so for accounting professionals. Make sure to familiarise yourself with all major accounting software to make yourself more valuable to potential employers.